A Record of Accomplishment 

  • Increasing accountability and transparency in government
  • Preserving the historical integrity of our neighborhoods, including the Manning Avenue row houses 
  • Leading the fight to reign in corporate welfare and redirect efforts to help homeowners and small businesses
  • Creating an economy that's fair, which includes repealing bad policy like the trash tax, and creating innovative policies to uplift our neighborhoods from the grassroots

A Leader We Can Trust

Judd is a lifelong Democrat and Capital Region native. Judd's grandparents immigrated to Albany from Eastern Europe to find opportunity for themselves and their children. With his strong roots in Albany, Judd has committed himself to working tirelessly for the people of the 11th Ward.

Judd knows that as your councilman he answers to only one group - you and the rest of the 11th Ward. Judd's record of accomplishment is reinforced with his courage to stand up for working families, even if it means going against the political establishment or rocking the boat.

Judd is the kind of straightforward and steadfast leader we need to remain in city government.