So long, TU. Hi again, independence.

You might have known that I am (well, was) a blogger over at the Times Union. I was grateful to have a section of the Times Union website to share my thoughts about local government and politics in general. The Times Union recently struck a nerve with me and many other members of the TU independent blogging community.

Rex Smith went over-the-top over an April Fool's Day post written by Chuck Miller. You can get a full rundown from Heather Fazio by clicking here. (Yes, I realize the irony of linking to another TU blog.) The bottom line is, I don't tolerate speech suppression, so welcome to my refreshed, independently run website and blog. I hope my blogging friends join me in ditching the TU. Rex Smith doesn't deserve the ad revenue from our quality content. 

To my fellow Albany residents, it is going to be a very busy local election year. A lot will be at stake. Between now and the Fall we have much to discuss and decisions to make as to who we want leading Albany's next chapter. 

As far as my the writing I did over on my TU blog, I'm working on putting together an archive for your viewing pleasure. In the meantime, stay tuned, subscribe, and get involved. Sitting on the sidelines this year isn't an option!